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About RAD Studio

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Funky and different, RAD Studio is the ultimate concept store in Lebanon for tweens (girls and boys 8yrs+), teens and funky adults.

It’s your cool world of handpicked fashionable clothes, shoes, accessories, gadgets, makeup, and sunglasses.

This is your destination in Beirut for the latest international trends.



RAD Studio is where tween and teen street-wear lovers, active lifestyle fans, and early adopters find the coolest outfits and accessories out there without having to travel or shop abroad. It’s all here: up-to-date and avant-garde good quality fast moving fashion that’s within reach. It’s the cool place that curates the latest trends from Europe and the US. We’re the pioneers: the first to bring you what you really want. And the up and coming innovators who rock your world so you can dress to express.


RAD Studio has a radical choice of trendy, unique, young, fresh, fun, comfortable and easy-to-wear European and American brands. An insane selection of casual outfits, tops, shorts, jeans, sweat pants, overalls, dresses, shoes, backpacks, faux bijoux, watches, hats, swimsuits, side bags, beach bags,  gym bags, wallets, passport covers, pins, tattoos, skateboards, gadgets, floaters, games, makeup, and stationary. Yes, all that! And more! We handpick each item in our multi-brand collection of stylish goodness based on the innovative edge, up-to-date attitude, fantastic quality, and cool price.


RAD Studio isn’t just a concept store. It’s a full-on experience. The “in” place to be for the cool kids. A hip space with positive vibes and uniquely funky décor. A destination with personalized and caring service. We’re your shop and we respond to your requests so you can have your wish-list of hot items and trendy brands.

We also deliver all over Lebanon so you be part of this stylish revolution.