Shoes of the Year - Fila Disruptor II Premium

History always repeats itself. If you missed it the first time around, the 90’s are officially back. Fanny packs, bike shorts, mood rings, and now the chunky sneakers that have become the shoe of the year are all over the place!

You know that a comfy pair of shoes are always a win, but besides that, these shoes are an easy way to make a statement too. You can pair them with high waisted pants and simple tops, also with denim shorts and t-shirts. You also find some girls rocking their chunky shoes with feminine dresses and classic two pieces suits and you’ll be shocked by the cuteness of the contrast.

The best thing about the Fila Disruptor II Premium is that they’re secure on the foot, soft, and there’s no rubbing or anything that causes blisters. I mean who wants blisters? Seriously it’s worth getting them as soon as possible so you can be on trend at the moment and let your shoes do all the talking.

You can find below some tricks and tips on how to rock those kicks!


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