Our 4 Raddest Return Gifts!

Don’t we all just love to celebrate our kids’ rad occasions with friends and family?

It’s part of our culture to give a nice return gift to our guests as a note of thanks for their presence.These take-home gifts are special as they will always bring back happy memories of that occasion.

Do you find it tricky to find a unique return gift that the kids will enjoy using? A gift they’ll love taking back home, with the biggest smile on their face? Well, not anymore! Today, we gathered our top 5 most unique and interesting return gift ideas for your child’s occasion.

Transparent Playing Cards

Yes, you heard that right. A set of transparent playing cards! Impress your guests with this waterproof set they’ll love to use and show to their friends.


Magic Spiral Spinner

This colorful spiral spinner is guaranteed to draw a smile on your guests’ faces! It’s so fun & easy to play, we can’t keep our eyes off!


Magic Lip Balm

Add even more smiles & magic to the event with these smiley magic lip balms as return gifts! The cuties will love it and will be impressed with how much it works! Shop them now and see the spark in their eyes (and lips!)

Squishy Foamed Stuffed Animals

These cute squeezable stuffed animals are irresistable! With plenty of cute animal types and styles, the kids will have a great time picking their favorite to take back home. Grab them today from Rad Studio!

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