MOLO Friendship Capsule Collection

Isn’t the concept of friendship so cool? It transcends culture, gender, and age. We live in a big world with a mix of people, beliefs and emotions, and we embrace diversity with respect and kindness. It is all about the relationships we build and the memories we create that will last us a lifetime!

Let us celebrate friendship with MOLO’s new collection at RAD Studio! The Friendship capsule collection consists of fresh and sporty pieces, with a fun little twist! The pieces are vibrant and full of life, awesome to wear and match with your RAD friends!

We’ll be different together with the new MOLO Friendship Capsule collection! Shop these outfits for the raddest young boys and girls that’ll unite them in diversity.

MOLO Radi TShirt


You plus me equal us… Get this lovely t-shirt that expresses nothing but positive feelings and good vibes!

MOLO Rila TShirt

A love and friendship t-shirt with a heart so large, half of it is on the front and the other half on the back.

You know what the best part is? these MOLO product are GOTS certified which means they’re made with certified organic fibers and follow social & environmental criteria throughout the entire manufacturing process. And of course, they are 100% free of hazardous chemicals!

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