Four Halloween Costumes to Scare 2020 Away

There is no denying that 2020 has been a spooky year, and with October 31st approaching, there are too many options to choose from! If you don’t want to be a mouse this year (Duh!) -N.A :this is a Mean Girls reference- , we present to you four original and unique costumes that will make you stand out at any party.

Ride-on Trump Costume

Ride on the back of Donald Trump and make 2020 great again! This costume will definitely bring the laugh and the life to the party! You can put in on and take it off in seconds as you ride towards victory or defeat.



Alien Hug Costume

You don’t have to invade Area 51 for this one, you can just order this extraterrestrial costume and take the alien to your leader. Are you ready to be out of this world?

Buy an Alien Hug Costume today at RAD Studio!


Kids Sumo Wrestler

Everyone will not be Kungf-u fighting this year. Instead, you can become a mighty Sumo Wrestler and crush your opponents to bits by winning this year’s Halloween costume competition! This Inflatable Sumo Costume for kids will surely stay inflated with the fan inside of the jumpsuit. Are you ready to wrestle?


Halloween Kids Hug

If 2020 had a picture, this would be it! Show up in this costume, and you will surely get some screams!

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