Fashion Styles for the Funky Adult

We all love to stay young at heart, and what better way that to express yourself with your fashion sense! To have the freedom to wear what you feel is a fashion privilege. We've put together a few of our favorite items for the wild-at-heart funky adult. Our pieces are 100% original in brand and in style! Check them out

First is our summer favorite the Ichi striped midi skirt. We love this skirt because it stands out and is so easy to style. It has a gorgeous beetroot color and looks great with Ichi lips T-shirt. Try it out now!




 Next is our Kendal & Kylie mini dress perfect for summer to wear with that beach tan glow. This unique dress goes great with a pair of sneakers and some accessories. Wear to your date night and you're good to go!



 Up next is a style for men. Our beloved Deeluxe brand bringing you completely original styles every time! This 100% cotton crewneck shirt is what you'll need this summer. Super comfortable, breathable, and easy to style. Find your size and get yours now!



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